Ancillary Products

Emexco BV also supply many types of ancillary products for Floating Roof Storage Tanks. Other than Seals & Drain Systems, we are able to supply Integral Foam Dams, Waxscrapers, Guide Pole Seals, Leg Socks, Column Seals & Membranes/Diaphragms.

Integral Foam Dams

Integral Foam Dam

Integral Foam Dams are used as an alternative to a traditional welded type Foam Dam. An integral Foam Dam is installed on the same fixing point as the Secondary Seal & can be installed on either Horizontal or Vertical rims.

All Integral Foam Dams are designed to meet NFPA regulations & can be installed above any type of conventional rim mounted Secondary Seal.

The main advantages of Integral Foam Dams over welded type dams are ease of installation, no hot work required & the quantity of foam required is significantly reduced.

Wax Scrapers

Wax Scrapers are used where crude oil with a high wax content is being stored. There are two traditional methods of removing the wax build up from the tank shell.

(1) Mechanical shoe type : Where a mechanical shoe seal is fitted wax scraper plates can be attached to the existing shoeplates. Ideally these extend the full height of the shoeplate to enable them to be replaced if necessary with the tank in service. Lower cost designs do exist that are simply bolted to the bottom edge of the shoeplate. The effectiveness of this system is dependant upon the pressure exerted by the seal against the tank shell.

(2) Tubeseal type : On tanks fitted with liquid or foam filled seals a separate wax scraper system is used. This is attached to the floating roof and uses hairpin springs to force the scraper blades against the tank shell. Originally designed for use with Tubeseals, but can be used with any type of foam seal or double compression plate seal.

Guide Pole Seals/Column Seals & Leg Socks

Guide Pole Seals & Column Seals : These are normally rubber seals made out of Nitrile or Polyurethane fabrics which are produced to seal the gap in between the Pole/Column & Pontoon Roof.

Leg Socks

Leg Socks : are a simple solution which fit over pontoon legs to reduce any vapour losses which can occur in between the leg & Pontoon Roof. The materials can be made out of reinforced PTFE or Polyurethane fabric which are both UV resistant.


Emexco also have the capability to supply semi hemispherical shaped Diaphragm's for various Gas storage tanks.

We have also recently supplied a number of fabric shaped discs used as storage tank base liners.

Please contact us if you have any enquiries on Diaphragms or any other type of membrane requirement.